Monday, March 24, 2008

The Second Life® Brand Center

From Linden Lab blog:

Today we invite you to check out the new Second Life Brand Center. The Brand Center explains how Residents can promote their own brands, products and activities in the Second Life world and use appropriate logos to enhance their message.

With the Brand Center, we’re also launching the inSL Logo Program, which provides a new community logo for Second Life Residents. Display the inSL logo to show you and your brands are a part of the Second Life community. This logo may be used on your website, business card, promotional materials, product packaging, and in many other places where you may wish to promote your contributions to the Second Life world. When using the logo, be sure to follow the Guidelines for Using the inSL Logo.

So we have:

The Second Life® Brand Center

The inSL Logo Program

Guidelines for Using Linden Lab's Trademarks

Hm... better late then never. More about trademarks in-world infringements on Virtually Blind.

The inSL Logo Program looks really interesting. I'm curious how would it works.

Here you can watch some of the branded builds in Second Life

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