Saturday, February 9, 2008

Interview with Desmond Shang

The laws that govern residents re: gambling and other such things are largely in place via our societies, not cooked up by our virtual world service provider. Our social interactions on the grid are already largely formed by us, and these are the basis for our rulesets. We can generally tell what is intended to be someone’s virtual bedroom as opposed to the street. We can generally ascertain meaning from how people chat, interact, move, and conduct business. From these social cues, we form distinct online cultures with their own values. Should governments of nations take action? For money laundering, identity theft or other major crimes, yes. But if someone leaves a virtual flaming bag of poo on your virtual porch, no, the government should not be involved.

An interview with Desmond Shang, the owner of The Independent State of Caledon. It is very interesting article about legal issues of Second Life from practical point of view. You can find it on The Seventh Sun's webside.

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A virtual property dispute

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